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Märchen, Mythen und Materie
Diving deep into the narrative potential of physical matter, students from Kunstuni Linz transformed their kitchens into alchemist Wunderstätten to produce probes and artefacts for our Imaginarium.
2020 / Kunstuni Linz X Ars Electronica Center
Toys of Tomorrow
How are social challenges like automation, robotics, climate change, migration reflected in the toys of tomorrow?
2021 / Kulturhauptstadtbewerbung Nürnberg
nostalgia -- posthuman.
A sanctuary for the digital minds – part of the “Human Conservation Project”.
2018 / Jerusalem Design Week
Stadt der Temperamente
A smart building in Wien Aspern accomodates four very different characters - conflict inevitable. Scenes from a smart neighbourhood, in a play written for Vienna Biennale 2019.
2019 / Vienna Biennale / with Mia Meusburger
The Critical Caryatids
A lyrical journey through Musikverein, the world's first "fully objective concert hall", where 32 golden statues observe, measure and analyse musical performance.
King GAFA – Das Spiel
A workshop series on online privacy with children from 10-14 years resulting in three large scale board games.
2019 / MAK Lange Nacht der Museen
Three little robots with different degrees of freedom to challenge our ideas of beauty.
2013 / Industrial Design w. Fiona Raby
Social Play Technologies
Social Play is one of the most elementary schools of life. But different children play differently, and the differences are especially striking within groups of neurodiverse children. This research project at TU Wien looks for new platforms for social play.
Vienna Summer Scouts
How an old proverb prompted an attempt to measure the unmeasurable.
2014 / Industrial Design 2 w. Fiona Raby
...and the magical 0-1 crop. A fairtale to challenge our internet behaviour and spark a conversation about data sovereignty!
1070 Unseen
ein Social Design-Projekt in Kooperation mit der Caritas im Rahmen der Stadtarbeit der Vienna Design Week 2018
mit Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Lisa Hofer und Kay Kender
"I know exactly what's going on outside!" Rather than agreeing to being spied on by safety sensors, an old Viennese woman builds her own spy network to help her overcome everyday challenges.
Bad News Bot
...ever been fired by a robot?
A project by Studio PSK
So ein Theater!
2. Platz des Future Design Awards "Kinderzimmer digital"
A Play Of Dependencies three acts. In every designer’s life comes a point when they feel the need to design a lamp. Here’s how this went for us.
2016 / Salone del Mobile
Bacteria Harvest
Everyday scenes from a microbial world.
Living with data. A series of illustrations to reflect on the ways we interact with data in our homes.
for the distressed office worker
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