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On a mission
to explore the emotional potential of machines: What changes in and around us as machines and humans move closer together?

Fighting fear with imagination & finding poetry in emerging technology...

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Vienna Design Week!


Vienna Design Week 2022

Mounted Ceramics

As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, there was a practice of setting Asian porcelain objects in gold bronze or silver to make them more attractive to Western collectors. Vases became candleholders, were given lids or decorative handles. An act of ignorance or successful mediation between East and West? In the context of my research of Heinrich von Liechtenstein's world travels, I took up the tradition and brought old vases from Schloss Hollenegg's Rumpelkammer to life with new functions, materials and accessories. The result is a collection of contemporary mounted porcelain.

(c) LippZahnschirm

16.–25.9.2022, 11–20 Uhr
Festivalzentrale im GEWÖLBE
6., Rahlgasse 8 (Rahlstiege)

Schloss Hollenegg 2022

South Pointing Fish

A castle is a beautiful habitat for objects of all sorts: some are mundane and for everyday use, others are trophies, many have slept in dust for decades, a few are used seasonally. Many objects have lost their purpose, displaced in time but also in space. South Pointing Fish is a playful selection of found objects collected in the many corners of the castle and brought together in an imaginative discourse.

(c) LippZahnschirm

MAK Galerie 2021

There will be! People! On the sun! Soon!

I've asked 25 solar panels what they would do if they didn't have to work for a day and am delighted to be showing the result in an exhibition at MAK Galerie. What is climate care if not caring for those who produce our energy? Surrounding the installation with Vossen towels, we'll be showing an assemblage of artifacts from the MAK collection that have been touched by the sun...

Exhibition at Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna; curated by Marlies Wirth
Grafik: (c) Theresa Hattinger
Fotos: (c) Marlene Mautner
Sonnenuhr: (c) MAK 

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wienwoche 2021


Messinstrumente fürs Jahr 2121!
Für die Wien-Woche haben wir die Zukunft neu vermessen.

︎︎︎ Popup-Kollektiv
Ege Kökel, Julia Schwarz, Isabel Prade, Stephanie Kneissl, Sarah Franzl, Mia Meus, Johanna Pichlbauer

Grafik: (c) Stephanie Kneissl
Fotos: (c) Mia Dragicevic

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Vienna Design Week 2021

Suchagent: DESING

Unidentified objects, a search agent searching for drama and tears, and a gradient of similar objects: three design collections emerge from the thousands of everyday objects that find their way onto willhaben in this humorous installation. Austria's highly popular virtual market place has its own culture, rituals and originals which makes it the promised land for any designer dealing with the wonders of wanted and unwanted everyday objects. 

︎︎︎ Client
willhaben, Vienna Design Week

︎︎︎ Collaborators
Selma Mühlbauer, Fabio Hofer

Grafik: Johanna Pichlbauer
Fotos: (c) VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar
Stadt der Temperamente.2019 x Vienna BiennaleA smart building in Wien Aspern accomodates four very different characters - conflict inevitable. Scenes from a smart neighbourhood, in a play written for Vienna Biennale 2019.