Would you trust a robot to do your make-up? Three little machines with different degrees of freedom to challenge our ideas of beauty and investigate what it really means to put trust in a machine.

a project with Maya Pindeus

︎Shown at:
(F) Design Biennale Internationale St Etienne 2015
(RU)  Bal Robotov Moskau 2015
(I, PL, CZ, A) „Austrian Design Explosion“
(UK)  London Stylist, Robot Take-Over
(ISR)  Printscreen Festival Tel Aviv, Israel

“The first robot puts on lipstick - it’s not very smart, just a dc motor drawing the same ellipses, but still, it leaves in people's faces the traces of how well they worked together with the robot. As banal as the machine is, it does touch a key point of automation - that when we work with a standardised idea of something, in this case of a mouth, or lips, there will be different results for everybody, and there might even be problems for those who don't comply or fit into this norm. I smile a lot, so I always had the lipstick on my teeth. ”

“The truth is that while working on it, the project gave us dystopian vibes, and when we set it up, the interaction was so charming... and this felt like a revelation: that there can be some kind of intimacy between a machine and a human. I think that we need this charm, we need poetry and humour in this discussion. And we need positive future scenarios. It's very easy to scare people, because we live in a very complex world, and anything that we can't imagine scares us.”

©Johanna Pichlbauer