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On a mission
to explore the emotional potential of machines: What changes in and around us as machines and humans move closer together?

Fighting fear with imagination & finding poetry in emerging technology...

Currently thinking about
– Schloss Hollenegg

an old Styrian narrow gauge train
all things solar

die angewandte 2018


Google – Apple – Facebook – Amazon. Providing central intersection points of data flow worldwide, online companies have quickly risen to incredible power. Their devices and services offer fun and convenience - but they have entangled us in a system that generates value from our data, without our effectively informed consent. We have become peasants, sowing and harvesting massive amounts of data for the greedy King.

What happens in his castle?
And what truth lies in the rumours about the terrible creatures hiding in the King’s dungeon?

A fairtale to challenge our internet behaviour and spark a conversation about data sovereignty!

Stadt der Temperamente.2019 x Vienna BiennaleA smart building in Wien Aspern accomodates four very different characters - conflict inevitable. Scenes from a smart neighbourhood, in a play written for Vienna Biennale 2019.