See-through but unsurmountable, it is a place of transformation in many tales and legends. Johanna Pichlbauer’s glass mountain has been moved to the Grotto of Schloss Hollenegg from the landscape of shards glittering white, green and brown in the backyard of the Stoelzle Oberglas glass factory. This mountain of shards is also very much a place of transformation: glass becomes glass becomes glass. In between, it waits, fragmented and sorted by color, for its next form. The designer dedicates her installation to this intermediate state and its humble protagonist: the shard. In an antique but also newly restored understanding of our relationship with our planet, appreciating the object also means appreciating the broken object. And so it is with great attention to detail that Johanna Pichlbauer has put together what was broken and used poetic means to unfold abstract value chains in global systems. The project was made possible by Stölzle Oberglas, producer of all sorts of glass for everyday use and highly committed to climate action and recycling.
Ashes and Sand 
6.5.2023 - 28.5.2023 im Schloss Hollenegg, Stmk, geöffnet immer am Wochenende.

Mit Arbeiten von Antrei Hartikainen, Christian & Jade, Germans Ermics, Tadeas Podracky, Tamara Barrage, Aleksandra Fixl + Sidonie Devienne, Alissa Volchkova, Anna Jozova, Barry Llewellyn, Clara Schweers, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Johanna Pichlbauer, Julia Körner, Katie Stout, Laura Affinito, Lenn Gerlach, Luca Gruber, Lucia Massari, mischer’traxler, Natalie Weinberger, Nives Widauer, Philipp Weber, Sarah Roseman, Seungjoon Song, Stories of Italy, Studio Groovido and Ursula Futura.


©Johanna Pichlbauer