(c) Studio PSK


Robots are taking over jobs previously done by humans - and we are quick to assume it is the monotonous, mechanically precise, repetitive tasks that we lose to them first - but what of the most uncomfortable ones; jobs, that are not rewarding, tasks that we do not enjoy? Who likes to tell their employees that the company has decided to let them go?

︎︎︎ Context
This project was created during my internship with Studio PSK in London for Design Festival London 2016. Find more infos and Giulia Garbin’s wonderful illustrations ︎︎︎here!

Installed in an office the bot informs employees about dropping share values, failing project aims, exploding expenditures, it fires employees and cancels the office Christmas party. It's programmed and designed to know what humans might need when they receive bad news and to provide consolation with its machine charms to soften the blow.

(c) Giulia Garbin
©Johanna Pichlbauer