Even if it’s only transmitting a 1 or a 0, a Yes or a No - a real time signal can be a carrier of emotions.
To grow old in the familiar surrounding of your own home -
progress in technology and medicine makes this wish possible
for many people. But how can you stay in touch with the
outside world, if there are walls separating you? How can you
enjoy city life, partake in the lives of your loved ones, and follow
the course of world events?

The apartment seems to hold a magic digital spell. Everyday
objects become links to the outside, keepsakes become messengers,
souvenirs are now receiving signals...

With this project, I'm suggesting a reinterpretation of “Ambient Assisted Living”. 

The elderly person can order custom-made sensors and have them distributed around the world, building up their own information network. The sensors are hooked up with receivers - Weltempfängern, world receivers. Their everyday objects, keepsakes and souvenirs are placed on little stages to receive signals from outside.
Sensors are distributed outside to bring the world into your appartment.
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