My Granny is a miracle. At age 80, she still rides her bicycle up the hill to decorate the old church with fresh flowers from her garden... her little secret: an electric drive ;-) 

Colours! EU-Stars! And some motivation for a strong woman who loves a good conversation - my Mum! (Soon, you'll know my whole family...)

My little sister is getting married - and it was an honour for me to design her invitations...
Rugby Union Donau Wien - my Rugby Club. I love everything about this sport - it's a game of respect, team spirit, fairness, agility - and of course: collision. Rugby Donau has given me so much - and I'm glad I could give something back: merchandise, flyers, banners, CI, christmas cards, jerseys - once a pirate, always a pirate!

The traditional "Dirndl" and festive "Steirer" from my hometown - and some regional variations!

Logo Designs.
Icon Set for Royfort
- more projects waiting in the depths of my elaborate file naming system -
Patience, please!
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