I'm on a mission to explore the emotional potential of machines: What changes in and around us as machines and humans move closer together?

fighting fear with imagination &
looking for poetry in technology...

let me elaborate.
I studied
Industrial Design at Angewandte
(Fiona Raby and Anab Jain)
and Mechanical Engineering at TU Wien

Here's a humble chronicle of my pursuit
of fame and significance:

before 2015
nothing notable really. I exhibited some
paintings in a shopping center once.
only sold one - to my uncle.
I did spend a lot of time in the library,
studying mechanics, in my defence.

- it begins!
Biennale Internationale Design _ Saint-Etienne (F)
Robot Fair 'bal robotov' _ Moscow (RU)
Austrian Design Explosion _ Milan (I), Wroclaw (PL)

the essence _ Vienna (A)

Austrian Design Explosion_ Prague (CZ), Vienna (A)

Back Ahead - New Austrian Design Perspektives_ Milan (I)
◼ featured in frame magazine
what a summer! working at studio PSK

the essence _ Vienna (A)

'hello robot' _ Vitra Museum Weil am Rhein (D), Design Museum Gent (B), Biennale MAK Vienna (A)
Biennale MAK Vienna (A) - Design for Agency
mydata conference in Tallinn (EST) and Helsinki (FIN)
...and just before Christmas, The Stylist came all the way from London (UK) to snowy Vienna to do a shoot for their amazing robot issue!

- alter hase.
...finished my diploma project!
...took a month off to recover from my diploma project.
cover girl! ◼​​​​​​​ Forbes DACH 30 under 30 -
They had pre-peeled pistacchios. This must be the peak.

06 _ 'The Human Conservation Project' - commission for ◼ Jerusalem Design Week in Israel - still in the process of preparing a proper video to do this amazing collaboration justice! 
2nd prize at the ◼ Future Design Award
Erste Bank MehrWERT-Designpreis
10 _ Print Screen Festival _ Tel Aviv
11_ the essence _ Vienna

Always curious and on the outlook for exciting new projects, collaborations, play dates. 
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