A DING that pretends to be another thing. A DING that gets in the way of our relationships or well-being. A DING that is preposterous and absurd, upsetting, ambiguous, shapeless or shameless: UNDING collects everything that somehow stands in opposition to the DING, and in doing so also self-critically confronts questionable practices within the design scene. What is the use of design that does not please? Is design that scares the more effective design? And when is the best design decision to not produce an object? In order to know the UNDING, you have to know the DING. And so we think that there is no better place for the exhibition than the premises of the Design Community Design in Gesellschaft (DING) in Vienna‘s 20th district. In their 3rd year of existence, the group shows numerous design positions that challenge the boundaries of good taste and the expectations that are placed on design.

Grafik: Cathy Hu
Fotos: Pierre Castignola

“Printer, what can you do?” – “I can print in such a way that people think it is lithographed.” – “And lithographer, what can you do?” – “I can lithograph like it is printed.” – “Carpenter, what can you do? “ – “I can carve ornaments that look as quick as if they were made by a plasterer.” – “Stuccoer, what can you do?” – “I imitate cornices and ornaments exactly and make hairline joints that everyone thinks are real, so that everything looks like the best stonemasonry.” – “I can do that too!” shouts the plumber proudly, “if you paint and sand my ornaments, no one can think that they are made of sheet metal.” – Sad society!” Adolf Loos

©Johanna Pichlbauer