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King GAFA and the Magical 0-1 Crop

On data sovereignty, the elders, and a mighty king that can’t be overruled.

There will be! People! On the sun! Soon!

A talk about our relationship with the sun, mirrored in the objects we use. featuring Wiener Werkstätten designs for solar umbrellas, a futuristic sextant, a message of my Oma, and a solar park that takes a vacation.

The Critical Caryatid

Statues that become alive, the world’s first fully objective concert hall and Viennese music history X Scifi.

Jedes Ding hat drei Seiten, eine positive, eine negative, und eine komische.

Karl Valentin

What is needed is not new technology, but new metaphors:  a metalanguage for describing the world that complex systems have wrought.

James Bridle,
The New Dark Age

©Johanna Pichlbauer