W111.5.3. Lazy man asked direction only points with his foot.



A castle is a beautiful habitat for objects of all sorts: some are mundane and for everyday use, others are trophies, many have slept in dust for decades, a few are used seasonally. Many objects have lost their purpose, displaced in time but also in space. South Pointing Fish is a playful selection of found objects collected in the many corners of the castle and brought together in an imaginative discourse.

(c) LippZahnschirm


Use the magnetic needle to lead your school of fish towards the south –or let them swim towards an island of your yearning...

This silver compass was designed by Johanna Pichlbauer and produced by the famous silver smith Jarosinski & Gaugoin as a present to all supporters of Schloss Hollenegg.

It pays tribute to the first compasses, which are documented to have been invented 2000 years ago during the Han dynasty in China. Naturally magnetized stone of iron was shaped into a fish floating in a bowl of water, aligning itself to the south.

(c) Marlene Mautner
©Johanna Pichlbauer