NEWLY FOUNDED! A Place to work at Engerthstraße 124. We share a workshop, offices as well as a gallery space.

They* cook with lichen, start a farm in the basement and their own furniture label, cooperate with museums and microbes, sew costumes, invent new measuring and musical instruments, build future worlds – In the enchanted courtyard of Engerthstraße 124 in the 20th district, eleven designers from various disciplines have settled down to work in a community on design that serves communities - there's rough and glossy, tulle and blue overalls, fiction and statics."

Possibly the best idea we* had in 2021 was founding D.inG. – Design in Gesellschaft – and finding a place to work together, a place for exhibitions, parties, mutual support, for thinking about how design can contribute to society, while we navigate Hinterhof-life.

*they/we:  Franz Ehn, Sophie Falkeis, Stephanie Kneissl, Philipp Loidolt-Shen, Julia Schwarz, Mia Meus,  Peter Paulhart & Kerstin Pfleger (studio re.d), Isabel Prade, Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland and I.

︎  awarded at Creatives for Vienna: Future Communities 2021
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